Dear Friend,

If you suspect, as I do, that there is more for you, your hunch is correct. Here is the good news…the amazing life you have been dreaming of is closer than you think.

Not only is it closer but also you deserve it and you can have it because it is a part of your destiny.

It is simply waiting on the other side of your action.

Believe it or not…Committed, intentional, full-out action is all that is keeping you from the life you deserve.

You deserve:

The life where you are able to manifest your own unique form of greatness.

The life where you refuse to play small and demand from yourself whatever is required in order to live bigger.

The life that is built on purpose and shared with the world as an inspiration and a testament to what is possible when YOU say, “YES” to unleashing your potential and living from the place of personal power.

I want to let you in on a little secret of success:

You can’t just think about how your life should be.

You can’t just hope about how your life should be.

You can’t just talk about how your life should be.

You must take massive action and choose to be a force in your own life…a force that will not be denied from designing the life you deserve.

It’s time to get momentum on your side. It’s time to make success just a little bit easier.

I want to do what I can to make success a little bit easier for you too. Here is your gift …

I have designed a breakthrough program I call: “Play Bigger!” This program is 30 Days of Transformation that will help you empower, reignite, propel yourself into radical change.

I wanted to help remove any barriers and make this package easy to say “YES” to– so you can get started today for just $27 and get on the road to who you can become.

Here is some of what you will get in this life-changing package:

Your 30 daily videos and action exercises will take you through proven techniques and strategies, that when applied, help catalyze your transformation.

Each week will have a transformational theme and each day will have a specific area of focus to help you get results:

Week 1: Win The Inner Game – The life you want has to be carefully designed. The patterns of your design begin within.

Week 2: Establish Your Targets – Life strives for it’s fullest potential. A tree will grow as tall as it possibly can, regardless of whether the conditions are ideal. We’ll harness this same potential to determine the potential of where your life is going.

Week 3: Aim BIG – You have everything you need in order to begin building the life you desire. It’s one thing to have the tools…it’s another to know how to use them productively to transform your life.

Week 4: Stay Committed – For too long we have been taught that having an abundance of good is wrong. The truth is, you can have more, do more, and give more because you can become more.

Each day, you’ll get a link to your daily video and action step. For maximum convenience, you can watch the video lessons at home or at work, on your computer or tablet, or even over your mobile phone.

But that’s not all. Because you’ll also receive 3 more valuable components:

  • A 30-page, downloadable Action Journal…to capture your insights, inspirations, commitments and completed action throughout your 30-days.
  • A downloadable copy of 6 Keys to Designing the Life You Deserve
  • A COMPLIMENTARY 30 Minute Coaching Session with one of our LHN Coaches

This 30-Days of Transformation program usually sells for $327. But I want to support you in who you are becoming and in your commitment to take action now.

That’s why you’ll get nearly 80% off, investing just $27 to get started today.

Join me on this 30-day journey, and you’ll discover:

  • Why commitment is key
  • How to maximize results by growing yourself
  • What “transformation” really means … and 3 powerful questions that will help you make the most of each day
  • The “trick” to goal-getting
  • What to address today to rapidly eliminate unproductive thoughts
  • The right way to activate your imagination to address people, circumstances, and things that seem to be causing you dissatisfaction
  • How to prioritize, minimize your distractions, and choose where to focus your creative capacities so that you can commit your energy to designing the life you deserve…and the ways we leak the incredible resource called energy
  • How to become a risk taker
  • How to convert your mind into money
  • And so much more

Developing the habits that allow you to be a force in your own life is essential to your success, to your ability to live from your place of Purpose, to your desire to live out your Divine Assignment, and to create the amazing life that’s just waiting for you.

Go ahead and take action now to design your life. Click the button below and join me on my virtual campus by enrolling in 30-Days to Play Bigger for just $27.

I can’t wait to meet you there,