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Chicago native, Derrick B. Wells, Ed.D. is an author, artist, corporate CEO, and The Senior Minister of Christ Universal Temple. He is a contemporary man of God whose story is one of radical redemption. Read Derrick’s Story

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The lessons I’ve learned have been life changing and to continue digesting the nuggets and food for the heart and mind, I’m convinced it will cause one to triumph on Wings of Possibilities. I encourage anyone that wants to LIVE GREATER, to take the course.

Joining this program is the best investment I could have made in myself!  The program has taught me one of life’s most fundamental principles and that is “It Starts with Me”.  I must do the work, prepare my mind, and ensure my actions align with the results I want to achieve.  An added bonus is I use the skills I learned across all aspects of my life- I am a better Wife, Mother and Leader—This program has truly help me Level Up…….

Dr. DBW has the ability to coach from a deep and broad experience base.  His high level of insight and expertise allows him to help you see yourself from a new perspective. He asks the right questions and provides the right level of feedback, yet places you in the driver’s seat, supporting you on life’s journey with motivation, empowerment and candor.  I am grateful for the insightful laser focus coaching.

“The 360” is the best way to describe my life after experiencing coaching and classes from this program! Learning to visualize and be diligent about pursing my goal was a game changer! I’ve been able to make giant leaps in my career and home life. After being laid off from my job, I am currently the owner of a successful baking business! Looking forward to what’s next!

Derrick Wells was highly recommended as a Business Coach, but I discovered that his range of expertise was expansive.  His ability to identify the issues and give practical solutions made him a priceless investment that helped me to take my business and spiritual life to another level.  As someone gave me the gift of introducing me to this Game Changer type of Coach, I too highly recommend that anyone invest in his services.

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