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My “Live Happy” Online Program!

This 12-part, online training program assists you in developing the micro-habits that lead to powerful breakthroughs in the important areas of your life, so that you can get beyond your barriers, limitations, and doubts and empower yourself to create amazing transformations in your happiness and success. True happiness is not fleeting; it is a state that is generated from the inside out.

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When you finally choose to go from contentment to happiness something interesting happens. You might experience the tension that exist whenever you introduce a new possibility to your existing perception.

If you are like most people, you resolve this tension in one of two ways. Either you:

You give up on the idea, you give up on the possibility, you the dream to sleep, you come up with excuses for why not (Note: This is where a lot of people land. They give up on themselves. They give up on their dreams. They give up on their desire to be happy).


The idea of living a happy, healthy, wealthy life takes hold and the possibility for a new you becomes real. When this happens we are ready to begin doing what must be done to turn the possibility into a reality

Then we realize that we don’t know how to get from here to there.

It is often difficult to figure what to do and even more difficult to do it alone.

Believe me, I know. It was not easy to take myself from a life of poverty, crime, and hopelessness to a life of impact, contribution, and happiness. I had to learn how to master the dignity of my decisions and determine the course and actions that would shape where my life was headed.

You are powerful but you don’t have to do it alone.

And you won’t – because I am committed to taking the journey with you.

I will give you the steps, information, and strategies that will assist you in empowering yourself to transform your life.

It’s all available to you in my “Live Happy” Online Series.

Link to application: I’m ready to take action, Derrick

All I ask is that you show up open, receptive, and ready to play. Your commitment is the key! Remember, people who don’t take the first step, never take the second step.

No one just drifts to the top of the mountain. It requires skill, dedication, and well-developed habits. You have to be committed to creating your Happy – Healthy – High-Functioning Life. It’s just waiting for you.

You will discover:

  • The 12 steps you can immediately take to go from your current state of contentment to extreme happiness
  • How to interrupt the patterns that keep you limited in an unhappy state
  • How to create your life success plan that enables you to be fulfilled with your life and feel good on a day-to-day basis
  • Why happiness is not a result of bouncing from one joyful experience to the next
  • How to take your happiness, health, prosperity and awareness to a new level
  • How to accomplish your goals and grow as individual

You’ll also get access to a free bonus gift – “Live Happy Daily Affirmations”

It has been suggested that people are motivated to change by inspiration or by desperation. Jail was a depressing reminder and catalyst for my desperation. I remember making the commitment to give myself a real shot at a better life.

Believe it or not, many people develop an emotional addiction to their difficulties and become entrenched in the patterns that enable us to confirm their excuses and sabotage our success.

Too many people have become content with our own limitations. Don’t fall into this behavior.

I’ve had some amazing mentors and teachers help me. I’ve learned from them and now I want to help you easily tap into your deeper capacity to succeed.

So now what?

You get to decide if living HAPPY is for you. Try the “Live Happy” Online Series completely risk free.

Link to application: I Have Nothing to Lose and Happiness to Gain

Say “YES” to your happiness! Should you decide at any time during the first 30 days that this program isn’t a good fit for you for any reason … simply let my team know and we’ll issue you a full refund.

You’ll get to keep the “Live Happy Daily Affirmations” gift as a thank you for giving the program a try.

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It’s time to give yourself some new patterns of behavior that help you achieve greater success.

You see success does not come from knowledge alone. Rather, as my teacher Dr. Johnnie Colemon taught me, success comes from knowing how to work it and then working it.…I’m happy to help you work it and make happiness easier for yourself.

I will let you in on one final secret…you already possess the tools and raw materials needed to Live Happy. The problem is that these tools and materials can do you no good if you do not possess the discipline to use them.

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I can’t wait to help you get started.

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